I am a Seattler

July 27, 2017

After 14 years of big city livin’ it was time to part ways and give the opposite coast a try.  I will continue touring with darwin deez and field mouse while looking for new ventures here in the greater Seattle area.  Sad to leave such amazing friends, brothers and musical projects behind but excited for what the future holds.  In the meantime, here’s a taping of Gemma’s “Eucalyptus” from a few months back:

PS: Deez went on a month long, self booked DIY house/basement tour around the US and it was insanely fun.  Played a ton of new songs, met endless cool people and even scooped up a young man (Eric) in Boston who offered to film our travels for two weeks.  We will have a tour documentary in the end!  I hope he filmed my good side (bottom right foot)