End of the Year Wrap-up!


It’s been a busy fall for this guy (me).  I’ve been bad keeping up with posts but we all knew that was going to be a virtual certainty.  That said here’s a buzzfeed-friendly list of updates:

  • -Field Mouse’s sophomore album “Episodic” release on Topshelf records.  Listen here.
  • -Upon release we joined Cymbals Eat Guitars on a 4-week US tour, and shortly after supported The Good Life on a 3-week east coast/mid west jaunt (both of which were delightful)
  • -Shapes in Calgary put out a beautiful EP “Happy Now” that you can hear here.
  • -And finally, Field Mouse recorded a (then live) Audiotree session that came out swell.  Smash that subscribe button below:



Here’s to an even better 2017!  May The Orange One have pity on us all

Field Mouse premieres on NPR & Spin

July 3, 2016

field mouse wacky neighbors

Pleased as a peach to announce the release of our record “Episodic” out August 5th on Topshelf Records.  In preparation for the album both NPR and Spin featured two tracks coupled with some kind words.

We’ll be heading out in September on a 6-week in support of the album but I’ll save that for a future post.

Be safe out there, guys!